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The Elegance of Orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids will continue to take centre stage this wedding season adorning bouquets in a multitude of captivating ways. From an elegant handful of cascading orchids designed to be held by the bride’s side; to a bouquet of blooming reflexed roses finished with trailing orchids; or delicate orchids resting on a cloud of baby’s breath, this luxe bloom is stealing the limelight. White is the top pick but the addition of dyed pastels such as pinks, nude, and even blue is becoming increasingly popular. For those who dare to be bold, vibrant hues of magenta and purple make a statement for spring and summer. 

Mono-Bloom Magic

Embrace the simplicity of mono-bloom bouquets, where a single floral variety takes the spotlight. The alluring rose continues to reign supreme, with timeless bouquets of roses, layered and reflexed (manipulated open), being a popular request. Varieties such as orchids, peonies, or tulips work well in mono-bloom bouquets, as do delicately petalled flowers such as lily of the valley and baby’s breath. One variety doesn’t mean one colour – add depth and dimension to your bouquet with varying shades when using flowers available in a range of colours. Another key trend seen of late is bridesmaids carrying their own mono-bloom bouquet, each showcasing a different bloom, whilst the bride carries a mixed bouquet displaying a beautiful blend of the flowers carried by her favourite women.

Garden Gatherings

There’s something truly magical about the untamed beauty of a garden-style posy. These bouquets are designed in such a way that the stems appear to have been plucked from the wild creating effortless style and elegance. Floral varieties of varying size, form and texture are ideal for this type of bouquet, as is a mixed pastel colour palette making it the perfect fit for a spring and summer wedding where wildflowers are naturally in abundance.

Colours that Captivate

When it comes to colour, the upcoming wedding season offers a spectrum of possibilities to suit every bride’s style. From the subtleness of blush and nude neutrals to pretty and whimsical mixed pastels, to vibrant and eye-catching hues that steal the show. Take cues from the seasons’ natural colour palette – think rich reds, rust, and burnt orange in Autumn; soft and delicate pinks, lilacs and blues for spring; bold and bright summery tones for the warmest season; and icy white with touches of silver and soft blue for cool winter weddings.

Whichever direction you choose to take with your wedding bouquet for the upcoming season, we will see a departure from the oversized bouquets of previous wedding seasons. On-trend bouquets for 2023-24 should be an accessory to your wedding day style enhancing and complementing your overall look rather than overtaking it. From the timeless elegance of orchids to the allure of classic roses, and a kaleidoscope of colour and texture, this season promises a dreamy bouquet for every bride. 

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