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What is your favourite winter bloom?

My absolute favourite flower of the cooler months is delicious daphne. It blooms throughout winter and has the most divine fragrance. Daphne plants feature tiny clustered blooms in white, pink and lilac hues and lovely glossy green leaves.

What is your favourite way to use daphne?

Cut daphne is very short stemmed so is best used in petite posies or displayed en masse in a small vessel. Look out for potted daphne in our store over the coming months, which are delightful planted in ceramic pots at the front door of the home due to their gorgeous welcoming scent.

What tips do you have for taking care of cut daphne stems?

Cut the end of the stem on an angle and plunge into cold water in a clean vase immediately. Clean the vase and change the water every two days to increase longevity. The small blooms will start to drop as the stems age, so when changing the water give the stems a gentle shake to remove any spent blooms.

What are some other winter blooms you feel are particularly beautiful?

I have always loved anemones which come in vibrant shades of purple, magenta and red, and a stunning white variety with a contrasting black centre. Sweet peas are another old-fashioned favourite which are available in a wide range of colours and have a delicate sweet fragrance. I adore tulips particularly when they have aged a bit, and wildly cascade, twisting and turning towards the light like a French Impressionist painting. Double and parrot tulips are especially lovely when they are open, full and voluptuous, and are a bestseller in my store during the cooler season.