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What is your favourite spring bloom?

Spring is such a beautiful time of year for flowers: the weather is getting warmer and gardens come back to life after a cold winter. We’re so lucky here in Melbourne that we get to experience the change in seasons and all the blooms that each has to offer.

My absolute favourite spring flower would have to be beautiful old-fashioned lilac. It has a subtle sweet scent and as its name suggests is available in various shades of lilac and purple, but also white.

What is your favourite way to use lilac?

I love to include long stems of lilac in beautifully abundant English style arrangements, and it’s also lovely tucked into smaller posies and bridal bouquets for its fluffy texture and gorgeous scent.

What tips do you have for taking care of cut lilac stems?

Cut lilac can be temperamental at times, but if properly cared for can last for a good week. Lilac has a woody stem which responds well when the end is cut on a sharp angle and split about a centimetre or two up the stem. This allows for a larger surface area to take up water. As with all cut flowers, plunge into cold water in a clean vase immediately, washing the vase and changing the water every two days.

What are some other spring blooms you feel are particularly beautiful?

We really are spoilt for choice during the months of spring and so many flowers have a delicious fragrance at this time. As well as lilac, I also adore snowball vibernum, lily of the valley, daphne, freesias, grape hyacinths, ranunculus and anemones.


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