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What is your favourite autumn bloom? 

My favourite flower of the season is the delicious tuberose. It blooms in late summer and early autumn and has the most wonderful scent. Tuberose have a series of delightful blush pink buds at the tip of the stem which blossom into delicate creamy-white flowers. 

What is your favourite way to use tuberose? 

This season our growers have been supplying tuberose in a range of sizes. Usually only available in long stems, this year we have miniature versions in store which I adore using in gorgeous English style posies. Tuberose adds a divine fragrance to arrangements however it is used.  

What tips do you have for taking care of cut tuberose stems? 

Cut the end of the stem on an angle and plunge into cold water in a clean vase immediatelyClean the vase and change the water every two days to increase longevity. Remove the lower flowers as they wilt and die as these are a source of ethylene, which tuberose are particularly sensitive to.  

 What are some other autumn blooms you feel are particularly beautiful? 

This autumn I am loving stunning autumnal hydrangea, rosehips and pampas grass. We are starting to see beautiful tulips become available, and I look forward to spotting the first of the very special double and parrot tulips at market very soon. Waterlilies are another gorgeous find during the months of autumn. This year they are particularly spectacular in hues of white, yellow, pink and purple with the biggest blooms I have ever seen! And as every year, I adore working with branches of autumnal leaves in shades of rust and burnt orange.  

Visiting my store during the autumn months is a must. My team head out into the local streets collecting fallen leaves before scattering them over the entire shop floor. It is something we have been doing for years and it is always an absolute delight to witness our customers reactions as they wander through the store with crunchy leaves underfoot.