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With winter behind us and the beautiful spring flowers blooming, for us Melbourne residents that only means one thing: Spring Racing season is in the air! The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the most anticipated events on the local social calendar with many race-goers planning their outfits months in advance. Wearing flowers in your hair is a beautiful finishing touch for a spring event, and today we share some tips for creating your own flower crown or headpiece sure to give your race day style the wow factor.
Choose florals to suit your style

Half the fun of Carnival is planning your outfit! Explore Pinterest and Instagram leading up to the event for headpiece designs which will suit the style of your outfit. Make a list of preferred colours and blooms to refer to when selecting and purchasing your flowers.

Select hardy flowers

It’s important to order your chosen blooms ahead of time and get advice from a florist as to which blooms and foliage are appropriate to use in headpiece designs as they will be out of water all day.

Pre-purchase flowers, tools and equipment

Collect your flowers from the store or market a couple of days in advance of the race day for them to open up a little but still remain fresh enough to last the day out of water. Buy all the equipment you need to create your headpiece. This may include hair combs or Alice bands, florist wire, floral tape, ribbon, hot glue gun and scissors.

Make the day before

Create your headpiece the day before the race day, carefully wrapping it in damp tissue and popping it in the vegetable crisper of your fridge overnight. This will ensure it remains fresh and eliminates the stress of making it on the big day.

Take your headpiece to the hairdresser

It’s a great idea to take your headpiece along to the hairdresser with you so that they can style your hair to complement your design and secure it into your hair for you.

Research, practise & have fun!

Whether you watch some demonstrations on YouTube or attend a floral workshop it is important to do your research into just how floral headpieces are created. Purchase some flowers and equipment and give yourself time to do a trial run or two. Most importantly, have fun learning a new skill!

We’re here to help
Our team are always here to offer tips and advice, so pop down to the store with a photo of your outfit if you’d like some help choosing suitable blooms for your floral headpiece. They’re also a talented bunch, so if you find the thought of making your own flower crown headpiece too much, they’re ready to take over and create something fabulous for you this racing season.


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