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As winter comes to end and the trees are beginning to blossom, we are reminded that warmer weather is approaching and wedding season along with it. Most of our couples get married during spring and summer which means by now they will be thinking about the styling and botanical aspects of their weddings. Summer brides and grooms, if you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to schedule your initial wedding consultation.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but by following our simple tips your consultation will be a relaxed, positive and exciting experience. Rest assured, this is the fun part!

Time your initial consultation appropriately

Make sure you have established a few key elements before scheduling your initial wedding consultation. Most importantly, ensure you have booked a venue, confirmed a wedding date and have a general idea of what floral style you’d like incorporated into your big day. The venue you choose will play a big part in the direction your style will take.

In saying this, to alleviate any unnecessary pressure, make sure you allow yourself enough time to review quotes, make decisions and have any details amended. Good reputable florists also book up early, so once these details are set it is never too early to consult with a florist. We often have weddings booked a year in advance, but the average time frame is seven to nine months ahead of the wedding day.

Always schedule an appointment

While we love welcoming clients into our beautiful store to look at our gorgeous blooms and gifts, wedding consultations are by appointment only. We like to allocate enough time to talk in detail about all your fantastic ideas and how we can turn your dreams into a reality. It is difficult to provide you with pricing on the spot and quoting accurately requires time and effort, so after meeting with you we consult with suppliers, calculate costs, work out logistics and email you a quote usually within a few days of our meeting.

Bring inspirational images and samples

Bring any inspirational images to your consultation that you have collected that you feel contribute to the overall theme and style of your wedding. Have you created a mood board on Pinterest? Have you got a sample of your stationery? Have you got fabric swatches or photos of your gowns or suits? Bring it all along! Never feel like you’re overloading us with imagery, as the more we see, the better we can understand your style preferences and design the perfect botanical styling to complement this.

Have a general idea of your floral budget

We understand that until you start gathering quotes it can be difficult to know just how much flower styling costs. In saying this, you will have an idea of whether you are willing to allocate $5,000 to floral styling, or $10,000, or $20,000. We also understand that whilst lusting over wedding magazines, Instagram and Pinterest one can get carried away dreaming of ideas that well exceed their budget! We do not have a minimum spend and are more than happy to work within whatever your budget may be. We can give you advice on where best to spend your budget for maximum impact.

Bring your partner

We love it when couples come along to our wedding consultations together! Wedding planning can be overwhelming, so it is beneficial for you to have someone else there to bounce ideas off and to provide a second opinion. Grooms are a lot more hands on than they used to be, and the grooms we meet with often leave our meetings just as excited as our brides!

We are here to help throughout your entire wedding journey and look forward to being a part of your special day. With our help, your wedding will be even more beautiful than you ever dreamed it could be!

Happy wedding planning!

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