Victoria’s Top Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree

November 18. 2020
Here at Victoria Whitelaw we have decorated hundreds, if not thousands, of Christmas trees. Every year we transform our South Yarra store as well as homes and workplaces throughout Melbourne with beautifully styled Christmas trees and decorations. It’s safe to say we have learnt a few tricks and tips which we’d love to share with you this holiday season.

Create a solid foundation

If using an artificial tree, work systematically, fluffing out each branch as you go stacking branches from bottom to top. This will give you a full base to work from.

Make sure you use a sturdy Christmas tree stand to ensure the tree doesn’t fall over. This can be weighted with sandbags or bags of rice.

The more lights the better!

Masses of sparkling fairy lights are what give your tree a luxurious feel. For this reason we advise you to use twice as many sets as you think you will need. The more the better.

Put your strands of lights on before adding any decorations and ornaments. Make sure the bulbs are visible on outer branches but also twinkling from the depths of the tree. Be careful to ensure there is no cable visible.

Build a collection of ornaments

If you like to change your colour scheme every year, have a set of base decorations in neutral colours such as metallics, white and wood which you can easily add colour to. Store the different coloured decorations in labelled containers for easy access in years to come.

The more decorations on your Christmas tree, the more magical it looks. Collect a combination of high-quality ornaments and inexpensive shatter-proof baubles which can be purchased in large packs.

Use a variety of decorations and ornaments on your tree to create contrast and depth. Think different shapes and sizes as well as varying textures such as glass, wood, glitter, mirror, pinecones and picks.

Add some new Christmas decorations to your tree each year. This is a good way to build up your collection of quality ornaments and ensure your tree looks slightly different every year. Collecting a new ornament for each member of the family every Christmas can also become a lovely family tradition.

Decorating tips for a luxe look

Don’t decorate the sides of the Christmas tree which will be hidden if your tree is standing next to a wall or in a corner. Instead concentrate on heavily decorating the visible sides for a luxe look and take into consideration which side of the tree will be viewed the most.

Ribbons are a beautiful way to add colour and interest to your Christmas tree styling. Tie bows on to the tips of the branches or wrap a ribbon garland around the tree before you’ve hung any other decorations.

Hang larger focal ornaments first and add the smaller decorations around these. Concentrate your larger ornaments on the lower branches adding a few higher up the tree.

Hang decorations both on the tips of the branches and deeper within the tree to create depth.

When decorating your tree, regularly step back and ensure the tree is visually balanced.

Add the finishing touches

Cover the base of the tree with a Christmas tree skirt, fabric, blanket, pot, galvanised bucket or basket to hide the stand and give a lovely base for the gifts to sit on or around.

Wrap your presents early and place them under the tree so the tree looks complete. Choose one or two different types of matching paper and ribbon finished with gift tags for a complementary look.

Continue your chosen colour palette and theme into other areas of the house in the way of garlands, wreaths, table centrepieces, stockings, candles and other Christmas décor items.

We welcome you to visit our South Yarra store if you are looking for some gorgeous Christmas tree decorations to add to your collection.