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Beautiful dahlias are a one of our all-time favourites blooms due to their versatility. There are a wide variety of forms and textures available and dahlias grow in a large range of hues. They are seen in lighter shades of white and cream through to bold ruby reds, golds, purples and magenta, and there are […]

Delphinium flowers are a summertime favourite of ours due to their large stature and pretty combination of blooms, buds and tendrils. They are available in white, blue and shades of purple featuring a tall spike topped with delicate buds blooming lower down the stem first. Delphinium are easily confused with larkspur, their smaller and less […]

Here at Victoria Whitelaw we are known for our elegant and timeless style, so it may come as no surprise that we love all things traditional when it comes to styling homes for Christmas. Here are some ideas to consider incorporating in your own traditionally styled Christmas. Classic Colour We always recommend our clients collect […]