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January – Carnation & Snowdrop

The delightfully fluffy carnation comes in a variety of colours each with a different meaning. Pink means affection, red refers to love and admiration, and white represents innocence and pure love. The delicate snowdrop signifies the end of winter in the northern hemisphere and symbolises hope and beauty.

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February – Violet, Iris & Primrose

It may come as a surprise that the rose is not the birth flower of February considering Valentine’s Day is in the same month. Instead February has three birth flowers – violet, iris, and primrose. Violets signify loyalty, wisdom, and faithfulness, and were once used in love potions. Iris, commercially available year-round in Australia, represent wisdom, hope, and trust. Primrose were once thought to ward off evil spirits and therefore symbolise protection and safety. They also communicate love and by gifting primrose, you are telling someone that you cannot live without them.

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March – Daffodil & Jonquil

Coming from the narcissus family, daffodils and jonquils are one of the first signs of spring and represent unequalled love. Here in the southern hemisphere we will have to wait a little longer for these beauties to pop their heads through the soil but March and April are the perfect time to plant their bulbs.

April – Daisy & Sweet Pea

The lovely daisy and sweet pea are the official birth flowers of April. Daisies represent innocence, loyal love, and purity; whilst sweet peas signify blissful pleasure when they come into season later in the year on this side of the world.

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May – Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn & Lily

The sought-after and delicately fragrant lily of the valley is the birth flower of May along with hawthorn. The former conveys sweetness, humility and a return to happiness. The latter represents hope and supreme happiness and when gifted means you want only the best for the recipient. Some sources report that lilies are also a May birth flower. As lily of the valley and hawthorn are not seasonally available in Australia in spring, a beautiful bouquet of fragrant lilies is a wonderful alternative. Lilies, which are available in a multitude of colours and varieties, are associated with a wide range of meanings, from beauty, serenity, and happiness to life, new beginnings, and remembrance, and purity and innocence due to the flower’s association with the Virgin Mary.

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June – Rose & Honeysuckle

The beautiful rose has many meanings depending on it’s colour. Red signifies love, pink represents perfect love, yellow refers to jealousy, and white conveys innocence, purity and new beginnings. If you give only a single rose it is said to amplify it’s meaning! The other birth flower of June is the honeysuckle which represents the everlasting bonds of love.

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July – Larkspur & Water Lily

Once again, each colour variation of larkspur conveys a different meaning: pink suggests fickleness, white signifies happiness, and purple represents first love. The unique water lily is a sign for purity, majesty, and enlightenment, and is often associated with birth and resurrection due to their ability to emerge from the water. 

August – Gladioli & Poppy

Gladioli rather dramatically indicates the heart is being “pierced with love” due to its sword-like shape. It also represents calm, remembrance, integrity, and infatuation. The meaning of poppies differs depending on the colour: red represents pleasure, yellow wishes wealth and success and white is given for consolation.

September – Aster & Morning Glory

Vibrant asters are a symbol for powerful love whilst the equally bright morning glory conveys affection. Morning glory live up to their name by blooming early in the morning before curling closed later in the day.

October – Marigold & Cosmos

October’s birth flowers are colourful sun-lovers! Marigold represents optimism and prosperity, while cosmos refer to order and harmony, a meaning taken from its balanced and simple appearance and evenly placed petals.

November – Chrysanthemum

November’s birth flower is an easy flower to access all year round no matter where you are in the world. Again, the various colours convey different meanings. Red says “I love you”, white signifies innocence and pure love, and yellow means slighted love. Both the Japanese and Chinese consider “mums” as a powerful emblem of youth and believe that it prevents grey hair. They also suggest that a single petal placed in the bottom of a glass of wine enhances longevity!

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December – Narcissus & Holly

Holly is highly sacred in Celtic mythology and symbolises peace and goodwill. It was also thought to provide protective qualities such as guarding against evil spirits and bad luck. Whilst, narcissus (specifically paper white) conveys that you want your beloved to stay just the way they are.

Due to the custom of gifting birth flowers originating in the northern hemisphere, some of these varieties will not be seasonally available in Australia during their birth month, but you can use this guide to gift to loved ones throughout the year. If wanting to gift the specific birth flower during it’s corresponding month you could also consider giving plants, bulbs, or seeds should the flower not be in bloom. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a bespoke flower delivery for a birthday gift. Our florist stores are located in Armadale, South Yarra and Brighton.

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