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If you’ve been searching for a plant to decorate a dark corner of your home, look no further than our list of indoor plants which survive with little natural light. These lush-leafed beauties are the perfect way to liven up sun-deprived rooms in your home.
Devil’s Ivy

The devil’s ivy gets its name from the fact that it grows vines in event the worst conditions. This vibrantly coloured plant looks stunning in a hanging planter or on a desk or table where its vines can cascade towards the floor. Also known as pothos, this plant prefers medium light but can also survive low light. Too much direct light will turn its leaves yellow, while a lack of light will make its leaves turn pale.


The philodendron is a hardy plant which can survive most conditions, including low light, with minimal care. If your philodendron becomes ‘leggy’ showing long gaps between its heart-shaped leaves, this is a sign that it is not getting enough light and should be moved to a brighter area with indirect sunlight.


Bromeliad are tropical plants with brightly coloured and long lasting flowers. They prefer indirect sunlight so thrive if positioned near a window which the sun does not stream in. Being tropical plants which love humid climates, they are the perfect plant to brighten up a steamy bathroom.

Mother in law’s tongue

Also known as snake plant, mother in law’s tongue features sharply pointed vertical leaves. It can tolerate dark conditions but are susceptible to root rot from overwatering making them the perfect plant for even the most forgetful of plant-parents.

Golden cane palm

Resilient golden cane palms feature pretty, feathery leaves which grow in low light but thrive in medium light conditions. This lush plant is also known as a ‘parlour palm’ as in the Victorian era owning one of these palms was a sign of the family’s affluence.


The ever-popular monstera is currently seen all over the pages of home interior magazines and in the trendiest of homes. It grows well in all light levels but won’t grow as fast in a dark corner as it would in a brighter space. Fun fact: The monstera is also know as ‘swiss cheese plant.’

Zanzibar Gem

The Zanzibar Gem boasts shiny, waxy leaves all year round and is one of the toughest plants around. Almost impossible to kill, it tolerates low light and withstands a dry environment making it the perfect plant if your watering habits are sporadic at best! If your ‘ZZ plant’ displays yellow, curling leaves it is a sign that it is taking in too much light.

Peace lily

Peace lily is a wonderful air purifier which enjoys low to medium light but can also thrive in a fluorescent lit space. Although the more light they receive, the more likely they are to produce flowers. Did you know the peace lily is not a true lily? In fact, the white ‘petal’ is actually a leaf bract which grows around the yellow flower.

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