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When purchasing fresh flowers, a question that comes up often from our customers is “What flowers are going to last the longest?” Some flowers can last for weeks whilst other varieties only last for a few days. If you’re not expecting it, it can be disappointing to buy beautiful blooms only to discover them wilted just days later. It can be equally thrilling to notice when your flowers last for weeks at a time. In this article we share some of our favourite long-lasting flower varieties commonly found in our South Yarra and Brighton flower stores.



Buy tulips when the buds are green and just starting to colour and you will enjoy these beauties for up to two weeks. Tulips are phototropic, which means they bend towards the light, and this is more evident when the flowers have aged a little. We believe they are at their best when they stretch and cascade from the vase, twisting and turning towards the light, their petals full and open. Keep an eye out for voluptuous double tulips which give peonies a run for their money, pretty frilled varieties and unique parrot tulips. 


Often thought of as a common supermarket variety, this affordable flower can last up to two weeks if bought in bud. A couple of bunches look great styled en masse in a glass tank vase keeping your home looking fresh and vibrant at a low cost. 


No matter the variety, most types of orchids can last up to three weeks as cut flowers. The flowers lower down the stem will start to die off first and can be easily plucked off leaving the blooms higher up the stem to blossom. Our favourite larger orchids include cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchids whilst more dainty varieties such as vibrant dancing lady and Singapore orchids also last well.


Not often thought of as the prettiest of blooms but certainly a contender for the longest lasting, glossy anthuriums come in a rainbow of colours from vibrant pinks and purples to rich burgundy and lime green. They are available in miniature or large varieties, both of which look wonderful styled alone to show off their bold form. 

Chrysanthemum disbuds

An old-fashioned flower but a front-runner when it comes to longevity, chrysanthemum disbuds are available in a variety of natural and dyed colours with forms ranging from pompom to spider varieties. 

Oriental Lilies

Beautiful white and pink oriental lilies are a staple found in our store all year round and we can’t go past the fact that they are one of the longest lasting flowers around. Their buds blossom into large star-shaped blooms with an incredible scent but the fragrance can cause issues for those with hay fever. 

Buy them when all blooms are in bud with the lower flowers just starting to crack open and they will last for a couple of weeks. Maintain your lilies by removing the stamens before they turn fluffy which can result in stained fingertips and surfaces. Also trim off any spent blooms to encourage the upper buds to continue to open. 


Chincherinchees start off as rather modest looking spikes, a bit like asparagus, and blossom into full balls of star-shaped blooms. The blooms lower down the spike will start to die off first so pluck them off and enjoy the upper flowers as they continue to blossom. From spike to full bloom, chincherinchees last for weeks on end making them incredible value for money. 

Carnations & trick

If you can’t get past the fact that carnations were a favourite of the 1980’s, try a bunch of green trick which is from the same family. These small, green, textured balls offer wonderful depth and contrast to arrangements while also lasting a long time. 


Also known as birds of paradise, this tropical bloom can last for up to two weeks once cut. Encourage the orange and purple petals to blossom by dipping your finger inside the bud and gently coercing the petals out. Other tropical blooms such as heliconia and crab claw can be equally long-lasting. 


From banksias and dryandra, to waratah and waxflowers, Australian native botanicals are well known for being hardy and drought tolerant. Those native to South Africa such as protea, blushing bride and leucadendron also have great longevity. These flowers all have unique form and texture in common with some also drying well to be enjoyed well past their use by date.  


Consider purchasing a bunch of luscious foliage in lieu of flowers one week and see how much life you get out of your botanicals. Try eucalyptus gums, olive branches or tropical leaves such as monstera or golden cane palm.

Read our blog Quick Tips for Making your Cut Flowers Last Longer for more ideas on increasing the longevity of your beautiful blooms.