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Peonies are without a doubt a favourite bloom in our store. The popular flower is requested all year round by brides-to-be wanting to include them in their wedding and flower lovers intending to display them in their home or gift them to a loved one. Many are surprised to hear that the Australian peony season is a short-lived one with the pretty bloom only being available for approximately six weeks to two months in late spring. In this article we share six alternative flower varieties to try when the peony is not in season. We know you will love them just as much as we do!
Garden roses

Beautiful fragrant garden roses may just be the next best thing if peonies aren’t available to you. They have a similar romantic look when they are fully blown with their layers of fluffy petals. Best of all, garden style roses are available all year round with some standard rose varieties being grown in a hot house whilst true garden roses are grown outside and available during spring, summer and autumn. Garden roses also have a wider range of colours than peonies being found in whites and creams, many shades of pink, red and coral but also yellow and orange.

Double tulips

Open double tulips closely resemble the peony as when they bloom, they also have layers upon layers of petals unlike standard tulips which only have a single layer of petals. Double tulips are available in a wide range of colours and can also be found in beautiful frill-edged and striped varieties. Double tulips are a long-lasting flower if bought when in tight bud, with the flowers gradually opening over the course of 1-2 weeks. Tulips have a long season being available during autumn and winter into early spring.


Like garden roses and double tulips, ranunculus also have their many layers of petals in common with peonies. Ranunculus look like a miniature peony being less than half their size and are available in a wide range of colours from white, yellow, orange, red, pink, and burgundy. They are available late winter and early spring, and they also have an interesting green or black centre which adds contrast and texture.


Lisianthus is another blousy bloom which features layers of soft petals like the peony. This flower has multiple blossoms and buds on a single stem and can be found in white, lemon, lilac, deep purple, soft and dusty pinks to darker pinks. Lisianthus have a long season being available from spring through to autumn.


Dahlias are similar in size to the peony although their petals take on a different form. Their big, full shape and fluffy volume offer the same lushness and romantic feel as the peony and they are available in a myriad of colours from white, pink and magenta through to gold, red and purple. The dahlia season overlaps with the peony season with the dahlias continuing to bloom through to autumn.


Carnations are another bloom that resembles a miniature peony although the edges of the carnation’s petals can have a more ragged or frilly appearance. Many people associate the carnation with the 1980’s but if you include this pretty bloom in a bouquet of mixed blooms, you’d hardly know the difference between it and the larger peony.

Whatever the season, rest assured that there is an alternative bloom just as stunning as the popular peony should if not be available.