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We all want our cut flowers to last as long as possible whether we have purchased a small bunch of flowers for beside the bed or invested in a larger more elaborate floral arrangement for the dining room table. Read on for our simple cut flower care tips for ensuring your cut flowers last longer.

Choose fresh flowers

It may seem obvious, but selecting fresh flowers is a great place to start. How can you tell if flowers are fresh? All flowers are different but as a rule of thumb, choose flowers with strong petals which are not wilting. If there are leaves on the stems, select flowers with leaves which are not yellowing or drooping. And finally, check for slimy stems and murky water as this is a sign that the flowers have been around for some time.

Consider flower longevity

If you are looking to buy flowers that last longer you may like to consider ‘set and forget’ types such as foliages, native flowers, orchids and even oriental lilies, all of which can last for weeks and sometimes months with little care required! Generally, the ‘prettier’ the flower, the more temperamental it can be and the shorter shelf life it will have. Locally grown flowers will also usually last longer as opposed imported flowers as they have a shorter distance to travel from farm to florist.

Take them home quickly

Plan ahead when running your errands and purchase your flowers at the end of your outing. Take them home immediately rather than leaving them in a warm car while you continue to shop or complete your errands. If purchasing flowers in summer, make sure the care is air conditioned throughout your journey from florist to home.

Re-cut the stems

Once you get the flowers home, cut about 2cm off the end of the stems on an angle before plunging them into a vase of cool water straight away. Just like when we cut ourselves and the skins begins to heal, so do flower stems seal over. By re-cutting the stems you are cutting off the seal and ensuring the flowers can easily drink water. Strip off any leaves which will be below the water level as any leaves in the water will turn mushy dirtying the water.

Use clean vases & fresh water

Ensure the vase you are placing your flowers in is sparkling clean with no residue left on the surface from previous flowers. We simply wash our vases with dish-washing liquid and warm water which does the trick! You can even pop small vases in the dishwasher for an easier option. Fill your vases with cool fresh tap water about half full. We do not believe flower food is necessary and prefer to use a drop of bleach to keep water fresh for varieties such as stock which can quickly turn the water.

Place in an appropriate position

Place your vase on a surface of your home which is away from direct sunlight and drafts (including air conditioning and heating vents) to ensure they last as long as possible.

Regularly change the water & re-cut the stems

Every second or third day you should wash the vase and fill with fresh water. Also check over the flowers, removing any spent blooms or yellowing leaves, and re-cutting the stems just as you did when you brought them home. Repeat for as long as the flowers last.

Enjoy your beautiful blooms and please feel free to contact the store with any flower care questions.