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After a number of postponements due to Covid-19 restrictions, Sarah and Carl, were finally married at Lindenderry Red Hill on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula a year after their first proposed wedding date. We were so happy to see these two tie the knot after what must have been a stressful year navigating wedding planning through a global pandemic. 

Sarah is a flower lover and ex-florist and designed her wedding colour palette of mixed pastels including warm peach, blush, champagne, cream and light blue with pops of red throughout. She also requested that some of her favourite flowers be included in the floral designs including roses, waterlilies and gloriosa lily with the addition of cumquats.

The rain came down on the morning of Sarah and Carl’s wedding but a break in the weather allowed the couple’s dream garden ceremony to take place on the grounds of Lindenderry. Sarah, wearing a gorgeous champagne-toned gown, and her bridesmaids, wearing storm grey, walked down the aisle carrying beautiful unstructured bouquets brimming with Sarah’s chosen blooms. Sarah wore her favourite gloriosa lilies in her hair and the couple’s beloved dog wore a floral collar. 

Sarah and a dapper Carl said their vows in front of a stunning open arbour of blooms and trailing foliages against the beautifully manicured backdrop of the Lindenderry grounds and grape vines beyond. The reception space featured a lavish overhead floral chandelier dripping with cascading foliage and studded with flowers. The tables throughout the room were finished with clusters of vases filled with blooms to match. 

Thank you, Sarah and Carl, for trusting us to take care of your wedding flowers which were such an important part of your special day. 

Photography by Finder Seeker