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Floral workshops are a wonderful way to enjoy nature’s offerings while expanding your skill set and socialising with likeminded flower lovers. We are thrilled to reintroduce our floral classes and provide you with four reasons you may consider attending a flower workshop with us.
1. Personal education

We all know flowers and plants bring a home to life and add the finishing touches to home styling. A floral workshop is a lovely way to learn tips and tricks of the floristry world enabling you to recreate beautiful arrangements at home. In this setting you will learn how to turn a few humble bunches of flowers into a stunning display to be proud of. You may even feel confident gifting your gorgeous creations to friends and family after a bit of practice.

2. Celebrations & special events

A floral workshop is a fantastic activity to include in any celebration or special event to create a point of difference. Think birthdays, pre-wedding celebrations, Christmas or Mother’s Day gifts and corporate outings. Come along to one of our scheduled classes as a beautiful gift to a friend or family member for any occasion. Try a group private class for your next celebration, whether it be a birthday, hens party or just for fun! It’s a wonderful way to celebrate female friendships whilst simultaneously enjoying a truly feminine group activity. Choose from creating a floral arrangement, flower crown or a plant-based activity such as terrarium construction. Floral workshops are also a fantastic corporate activity to encourage teamwork, leadership, communication and build positive working relationships.

3. Professional development

If you’re an aspiring florist wanting to learn the foundations of the floristry trade, a workshop through an active floral studio is a wonderful way to learn floristry basics such as vase arrangements, posy construction and table centrepiece design, or a more in-depth demonstration of wedding floristry. At Victoria Whitelaw School of Flowers, not only will you learn from florists who are hands on in the industry, you will also learn in an intimate and casual environment.

4. Create flowers for your own special events

Beautifully arranged flowers will most definitely take your event styling to the next level, and after a floral lesson or two your guests will be impressed with your newfound skills. You will have the confidence to create centrepieces for an intimate dinner party or a fresh wreath and mantlepiece arrangement for your family Christmas celebration. You may even want to learn the skills to create your very own wedding flowers and a specialised series of private lessons will provide you with the tools to do just this.

But then again, who needs a reason to attend a floral workshop? It can simply be a beautiful day out with friends at the Victoria Whitelaw School of Flowers where you may learn a new trick or two!



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