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The elegant phalaenopsis orchid plant is a staple in our South Yarra outlet and online store. This is because they are not only beautiful but are easy to care for and long-lasting when you know what you are doing. Here we run through some tips for how to best care for your phalaenopsis orchid plant […]

When selecting flowers for your wedding, event, or even just your home, you will likely consider the colour, form, and fragrance of a bloom. Where they were grown might not be the first query that comes to mind. Here are some reasons why we love to buy locally grown flowers and think you too should […]

There is no floral fragrance quite like that of the delicious sweet pea. The sweet scent combined with the vast array of colours available make it a firm favourite in late winter. But it’s not just the vibrantly hued blooms that we adore, it’s the gorgeously delicate tendrils which twist and spiral adding texture and […]