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In recent years we have seen a trend in Australian native flowers being used in weddings, events and styling at home. Their unique form and texture make them a beautiful choice, and they are generally a hardy and long-lasting option. You may not know that many of the flowers which you think are from Australia […]

Beautiful dahlias are a one of our all-time favourites blooms due to their versatility. There are a wide variety of forms and textures available and dahlias grow in a large range of hues. They are seen in lighter shades of white and cream through to bold ruby reds, golds, purples and magenta, and there are […]

Delphinium flowers are a summertime favourite of ours due to their large stature and pretty combination of blooms, buds and tendrils. They are available in white, blue and shades of purple featuring a tall spike topped with delicate buds blooming lower down the stem first. Delphinium are easily confused with larkspur, their smaller and less […]

The elegant phalaenopsis orchid plant is a staple in our South Yarra outlet and online store. This is because they are not only beautiful but are easy to care for and long-lasting when you know what you are doing. Here we run through some tips for how to best care for your phalaenopsis orchid plant […]