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Red Flowers: Romance & Passion

Expressing an undeniable energy, red flowers are the quintessential symbol of romance. Most associated with Valentine’s Day, red-hued blooms embody the intensity of romantic love and passionate desire also making them the perfect gift for romantic occasions such as anniversaries and proposals. Red flowers speak of admiration, respect, and the courage to express one’s deepest emotions. 

From the elegance of hippeastrum and traditional red roses to the flamboyant beauty of parrot tulips and bold waratahs, red flowers have the ability to infuse any occasion with vibrant energy and fiery passion. 

Yellow Flowers: Joy & Optimism

Flowers coloured the sun-drenched hue of yellow radiate joy, optimism, and boundless happiness. The cheerful colour symbolises friendship, new beginnings, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day, yellow blooms uplift the spirits and infuse a positive energy into their surroundings. 

Graceful dancing lady orchids, majestic sunflowers, sweet ranunculus, and daffodils promising spring is near are our top choices to gift to those in need of a little pick me up. 

Pink Flowers: Tenderness & Grace

Soft and delicate, pink blooms exude an aura of tenderness, grace, and feminine charm. They symbolise platonic love, happiness, and appreciation making them the ideal gift for Mother’s Day or any occasion to communicate love and gratitude to those you care deeply for. 

From the gentleness of peonies and dahlias to the delicate scent of sweet pea and stocks, beautiful pink blooms are a timeless gift of affection.

Orange Flowers: Enthusiasm & Success

Bold and vibrant, orange blooms burst forth with enthusiasm, energy, and a zest for life. They embody the joy of living and the thrill of embracing new opportunities. Communicating excitement and exuberance, orange flowers are the perfect choice for celebrating milestones such as a new job or new home. 

Whether you choose to gift graceful stems of tulips and calla lilies, of bold bursts of colour with chrysanthemum disbuds and poppies, orange flowers have the ability to infuse any occasion with warmth and happiness. 

White Flowers: Purity & Sympathy

Elegant and serene, white flowers are equally at home at a wedding where the symbolise pure love as they are for bereavement when they communicate heartfelt sympathy and provide comfort in times of grief and remembrance. White blooms are a timeless and subtle expression of innocence, purity, and modesty. 

Delicately scented lily of the valley, bouvardia, and gardenia are among our favourites in this category, alongside the elegance and grace of classic white phalaenopsis orchids. 

Blue Flowers: Tranquillity & Peace

Cool and calming, blue flowers embody peacefulness and serenity conveying relaxation and support and aid in the release of negative emotions. Like a gentle breeze on a summer day, blue blooms soothe the soul and alleviate stress. 

Choose from blue flowers such as hydrangea, hyacinth, delphinium, and sea holly to offer a soothing antidote to anxiety and uncertainty. 

Purple Flowers: Admiration & Success

Regal and majestic, purple flowers exude an air of admiration, pride, and accomplishment. Originally associated with royalty, they symbolise success and the pursuit of excellence. Sending a bouquet of rich purple blooms is a gesture of admiration making them perfect for celebrating achievements such as a promotion or graduation. 

Gift bold and majestic giant allium and orchids, or fragrant lilac and purple lisianthus to honour success and triumph. 

Green Flowers: Harmony & Luck

Fresh and vibrant, green flowers promise good fortune and symbolise renewal and resilience. Synonymous with nature, growth, and vitality, green blooms convey a message of optimism and well-being. 

Often visually unique, green flowers such as exotic cymbidium orchids and anthuriums, and green hydrangea and molluca balm send a heartfelt wish for health, renewal and optimism making them the ideal get well soon gift. 

The next time you send flowers to a loved one consider the meaning behind each hue and let the language of flowers convey your heartfelt wishes and emotion for the recipient. 

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