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We understand choosing your wedding flowers can be a daunting task. Maybe you don’t know your peonies from your poppies, you have no idea what’s in season and even if you did, you wouldn’t have a clue what to pick! It doesn’t need to be stressful! Here are a few of our top tips to give you the know-how when it coming to choosing flowers for your wedding.

Book a venue and set a date

Couples need to have made a few important decisions before they even begin to think about flowers. Most importantly they need to have chosen a venue and a wedding date because these two factors set the scene for the style of their wedding. The look of the venue will dictate the kind of direction they should take in terms of both style and colour palette for the entire wedding. Is the venue traditional, rustic, modern or a blank canvas? Does it need an injection of colour or do classic neutrals work well in the space? The look of the venue can influence the style of the stationery to the florals to the bride’s gown – pretty much everything! And of course, the date of your wedding will determine which flowers are in season.

Choose a florist you connect with

It’s important to not just go with the most affordable option when it comes to choosing wedding flowers. Emailing a bunch of florists with a copy and pasted message and going with the cheapest option is like playing Russian roulette! A $150 bouquet and a $250 bouquet will look very different to each other. Selecting flowers is very different to choosing wedding cars. With cars you know exactly what you are going to get. With flowers, each florist has their own style so the finished product will look a little different due to this.

It is important to not only choose a florist who’s style you love, but also one you feel ‘gets’ your vision. Meeting a florist in person is a must so that you can feel if you have a connection with them and build a rapport with them during your wedding journey. Most good florists will be willing to meet with you at least two or three times to finetune your floral style. And of course, will welcome emails or phone calls should you need to bounce ideas or discuss details.

Inform your florist of your budget

We understand that until you start gathering quotes it can be difficult to know just how much wedding flowers cost. In saying this, you will have an idea of whether you are willing to allocate $5,000 to floral styling, or less, or more. We also understand that whilst you screenshot image after image on Instagram and Pinterest you can get carried away dreaming of ideas that well exceed your budget! Even so, it is important to not only set a wedding budget but break down your overall spend so you know how much you’d like to allocate to each element. Be open and honest with your florist about your budget from the beginning so that they can guide you and recommend where to best spend for maximum impact.

Let your florist guide you

Choosing a florist who has experience in their field will make your wedding journey that much easier. Allow them to guide you as to what works at your chosen venue, what colour combinations work well together, and what flower to choose when your favourite isn’t in season. You don’t need to choose every variety of bloom which is used in your floral styling. Choose a few key favourites and let your florist take over from there. Allow them some flexibility and creative freedom so that they can create the wedding flowers of your dreams without too many restrictions.

Choose flowers in season locally

The season will dictate which flowers are locally available for you to choose from and may also influence your colour selection. It is recommended to choose flowers which are in season locally for several reasons. Flowers which are picked locally not only support Australian flower farmers but are fresher and last longer. They haven’t had to travel long distances and get from the farm to florist much quicker than internationally or even nationally sourced blooms. Sometimes flowers from international growers have spent up to a week in transit before they make it to the florist. Not only does this decrease their longevity but the increased transportation and refrigeration of the flowers negatively impacts the environment. Locally sourced blooms can be more affordable for this reason.

Most importantly, have fun with choosing your wedding flowers! Happy wedding planning!

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