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The Dreams Echoing the Memories of Time exhibition at Forty Five Downstairs artfully merged theatre, fashion, photography and flowers through the collaboration of key Melbourne designers including our very own Victoria. The result was a breathtaking walk-through installation which ignited all the senses to evoke memories of past, present and future.

The viewing of fellow exhibitor Linda Britten’s exquisite gowns inspired Victoria’s botanical design direction which was planned to a point, but she essentially let the blooms, exhibition space and mood inspire her on the day of creation. Victoria aimed to create pockets of time where exhibition-goers were absorbed into an installation in the present time but were also taken back within their own individual memories.

Victoria, with the help of her talented team of florists, used a variety of botanical textures to evoke memories; from sweet floral fragrances to earthy smells; bold colour and subtle tone; naturally forming shapes; and the sound of crunching Autumn leaves and snapping branches. She incorporated the natural progression of flowers evolving from bud to bloom over the course of the exhibition to reflect the seasons in Linda’s designs, which meant that each exhibition-goer had a different experience depending on what point in the week they attended.

The bold smell of blooms greeted guests to the space as they descended the staircase, and botanicals adorned every corner, being suspended overhead, tucked into folds of fabric, and styled underfoot resulting in the ultimate sensory experience.