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In the lead up to Mother’s Day, my daughter Jessica and I take a moment away from the running of our busy stores and business to reflect on what motherhood means to us.

“Being a mother is the most fulfilling thing I could possibly experience. Nurturing both of my children and watching them grow and become incredible humans is so rewarding. Motherhood to me is unconditional love, warmth, pride, protection, lots of laughter, and many tears – both happy and sad!”
– Victoria Whitelaw

“Being a mum is the most difficult, non-paying, 24 hour job you will ever do! It is also my greatest achievement and so many little moments make the hard times completely worthwhile… When my little Walter toddles over and wraps his arms around my legs for a cuddle it’s the best feeling in the world! Watching him grow, explore, and see things for the first time encourages me to see a world of possibility through his eyes. Being his go-to, the one who can console him when he’s upset, and the person he chooses to rest his head on when he’s tired is the most wonderful feeling and I never want to let him go!”
– Jessica Whitelaw

We are thrilled to introduce our beautiful 2024 Mother’s Day range now available for pre-order online.

This year’s collection perfectly embodies the gratitude and love we have for our mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures through the use of Mum’s favourite blooms. I have personally selected a selection of exquisite roses, classic chrysanthemum disbuds, fluffy hydrangea, and luxurious phalaenopsis orchids as the hero flowers for this ever-important occasion.

Choose from expertly arranged bouquets in sweet and dreamy pastel hues of white, soft pink and apricot; or bold and vibrant arrangements featuring a plethora of bright magenta, orange, and red tones.

Select a beautifully presented, classic cyclamen plant potted in gorgeous ceramic-ware; and add on Mum’s favourite treats from our delicious candle, bath and body ranges and selection of champagne and handmade chocolates.

Whichever gift you choose, it is sure to impress this Mother’s Day.