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A beautiful book that you will find on the shelves of our store is The Language of Flowers by Mandy Kirkby.  

This book celebrates the forgotten language of flowers which some may not realise exists. Most are familiar with red roses representing love, but there was an entire language created in the Victorian era where each flower, foliage and plant signified a human emotion. The Victorians would carefully plan every bouquet and posy so that their botanical gift would deliver a desired message to the recipient.  

The Language of Flowers includes fifty flower profiles, an emotional dictionary and guide for giving flowers for specific occasions. For example, if giving flowers as an apology, the book recommends including fig which means ‘argument’, purple hyacinth which represents ‘please forgive me’ and hazel which signifies ‘reconciliation’. 

Our verdict: The Language of Flowers is not only beautiful with its simplistic illustrations and old-world style, but also informative. Small and sweet, this book is the perfect little gift or addition to a bouquet of flowers for any flower lover.  

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