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In recent years we have seen a trend in Australian native flowers being used in weddings, events and styling at home. Their unique form and texture make them a beautiful choice, and they are generally a hardy and long-lasting option. You may not know that many of the flowers which you think are from Australia are in fact native to other parts of the world. Protea and blushing bride, for example, are often referred to as native flowers here, but are in fact indigenous to South Africa. Read on for our favourite true Australian native flowers and how we love to style them. 

Flannel Flower

Flannel flower consists of a soft velvety white daisy-shaped flower and silver leaves. Originally a wild flower in the New South Wales area, the plant is covered entirely in very fine hairs giving a flannel-like texture. We love styling these delicate beauties on their own to fully appreciate their form and texture. 

Smoke Bush

Native to Western Australia, smoke bushes were given their name because they look like a cloud of smoke from a distance. Up close, the flowers are very fine branches of minuscule flowers which group together to create fluffy forms at the end of deep burgundy to dark green leaves. They add a wonderful texture and rich colour to arrangements.

Wax Flower

Wax flower are bushy stems of small waxy cup shaped blooms in shades of white, pink and purple with thin needle-like leaves. Available most of the year, it is sometimes referred to as Geraldton Wax as the bush grows wild near the town of Geraldton in Western Australia. Lemony scented wax flower is a gorgeous addition to posies. 

Everlasting Daisy

Another Western Australian native, the everlasting daisy comes in vibrant shades of pink, red, yellow and also white. The name refers to the fact that the petals have a crunchy feel to them and dry well, seeming to last forever! They look lovely dotted through flower crowns. 

Flowering Gum

The eucalyptus tree, or gum tree as it is commonly known, is the most widely recognised Australian botanical with some varieties showing a stunning vibrant bloom. The delicate fluffy flowers come in bright pink, red, orange and white. We love to show off these stunning blooms on their own, and once the flower is finished, simply trim it off and display the foliage for weeks on end. 


The waratah is the state flower of New South Wales and is also native to the area. Its strong bold flowers come in a vibrant shade of red and are also available in rarer cream and blush pink. The stems are thick and woody with spiky green leaves and we live to style waratah en masse in clear glass to show off their form. 


There are over eighty species of banksia with over twenty being used as cut flowers in Australia. Like the waratah, they have strong woody stems and spiky leaves. Banksia are generally cone-shaped and covered in hundreds of tiny flowers giving them a fluffy or sometimes spiky appearance. The different species range in colour from brown and cream, to red, orange and lime green. Banksia are thirsty flowers, so be sure to plunge them in vases filled three-quarters with water.

Combine our favourite Australian native flowers with the many varieties of gum, or delicately fluffy lambs tail for small posies and arrangements. Or style alone to show off their interesting form and texture. Enjoy!