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In celebration of the launch of The Veggie Box by Victoria Whitelaw we would love to invite you through Victoria’s delightful family veggie garden.

The veggie garden is entirely organic and is located on a beautiful farm at the southern end of the Goulburn Valley. The garden has been built from scratch by the family creating different types of garden beds to accommodate the various types of produce. Some are risen and others low and close to the ground.

Most of the produce has been grown from seed that has been collected from the previous season’s harvest. To nurture the fruit and vegetables, the family use mulch and manure collected from the farm combined with seaweed. Rainwater is collected and stored in large tanks on the property and the produce watered as required.

Victoria loves to get creative in the kitchen with each season’s harvest cooking big family feasts and homemade meals. Often, she has more fresh produce than the family could possibly eat and enjoys making condiments to be gifted to family and friends, or preparing the produce in ways so that it can be utilised in future recipes. Not an ounce is wasted!

Her favourites to make after a tomato harvest include homemade relish or tomato sauce bottled as gifts. Fresh tomato juice and tomato and parsley tabouli are also top picks, along with sugo prepared ahead of time for family feasts at the farm. The orange and blood orange trees provide plenty of fruit for freshly squeezed orange juice to be enjoyed at breakfast or frozen for baking and cooking. Marmalade is prepared in big batches to be gifted to friends and family. A favourite after a long day on the farm is sliced orange which has been pre-frozen enjoyed with gin over ice.

Victoria and her family are not the only ones who enjoy the delicious fruit and vegetables… The luscious garden attracts all sorts of locals including magpies, rosellas and a big cheeky possum who is regularly spotted helping himself to the produce.

Visit the Veggie Box website here